Installing Cat 6 Cable All Over Texas

Installing Cat 6 Cable all over Texas

Installing Cat 6 Cable all over Texas

Installing Cat 6 Cable all over Texas to a high-speed network cabling system is one of the best ways to future-proof your home or business, improve Internet and Wi-Fi speeds, and keep up with increasing data connectivity demands. The CAT-6 standard twisted-pair copper cabling can handle 1-10 Gbps (gigabits per second) speeds over short distances.

Unlike older RG59 cables that carry TV and cable signals, a CAT-6 network cable is specifically designed for data connectivity. It has more shielding and higher data transfer speeds than a standard cable. It can also be run further than older cables, up to 300 feet.

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The cost to install CAT-6 cable depends on how many runs are being done, the total number of drops and the length of each drop. Most homeowners will pay between $90 and $150 for a typical CAT-6 installation. This includes the cost of the cables and any necessary gang retrofit boxes, plugs or panels. Homeowners may also choose to include a router as part of their project, incurring additional costs for this.

A CAT-6 cable is made of four pairs of copper wire that are twisted together to provide data signals. Each pair is separated by a spline, which protects against interference between the different twisted pairs of wires. The spline is also thicker than a standard cable, making it more durable against damage. For extra protection, consider choosing a cable with a built-in or separate messenger that helps further prevent interference between the wires and other sources of electromagnetic interference (EMI). A spline is not necessary for every installation, though.