How Much Is It To Run Ads On Facebook?

how much is it to run ads on facebook

Facebook ads cost more than they used to, but the ramifications of this fact depend on your business context. To avoid costly mistakes, start by setting a clear success target that’s built on your costs. This metric should guide all decisions on how much to spend on ads, what to optimize inside Ads Manager, and where to allocate your budget.

How much is it to run ads on Facebook costs vary by campaign objective, but overall, ad clicks are the biggest driver of ad spend. In general, the more valuable the action you’re targeting, the higher your cost per click will be. The value of an action can be determined by its average purchase amount, lifetime value, or cost-per-add-to-cart.

Budgeting Basics: How Much Does It Cost to Run Ads on Facebook

The other main drivers of ad spend are the bidding strategy you choose and whether you opt for a daily or lifetime budget. When you select a bidding strategy, Facebook will either automatically or manually bid for your ad to be shown. Manual bidding allows you to choose the maximum price you’re willing to pay for an impression, which is then weighed against other factors including your competition’s bids and the quality of your ad.

Lastly, the size of your ad budget can significantly impact how far your dollars stretch. This is because your ad spend will be capped at the amount you specify, so if your budget runs out before the end of your campaign, the remaining ads won’t be displayed.