CBD Strains Canada Recommendations

cbd strains canada

High CBD strains offer therapeutic effects without the psychoactive side effects that come with a higher THC content. These strains are popular among people who suffer from a variety of conditions including anxiety, stress and sleep disorders. They are also used by people who want to enhance their physical health. It is important to know which strain will best suit your needs and lifestyle. Read more https://thefoggyforest.net/2023/08/10/the-ultimate-cbd-strains-products-in-canada/

The committee’s advice was based on several key factors. These were shaped by the committee’s mandate objectives and the standard principles that Health Canada considers during its drug approval process. These include safety, efficacy, quality and post-marketing considerations. The committee considered all available research and its own deliberations in making its recommendations.

The Canadian Cannabis Chronicles: Exploring the Best CBD Strains North of the Border

In the United States, a survey of over 6,200 adults found that most consumers use CBD to manage chronic pain and other health concerns. The most common mental health concerns for which respondents reported using CBD were stress and anxiety (49.5%) and depression (33.2%). Other reasons for using CBD included chronic pain (50.8%), headaches/migraines (32.6%) and trouble sleeping (27.2%).

The committee also recommended that products containing phytocannabinoids, such as CBD, be sold only in veterinary clinics and only for the treatment of specific medical conditions diagnosed by a veterinarian. It further recommends that such products be sold in boxes and have inserts with detailed dosing instructions and other information. In addition, the committee recommended that such products be labeled to distinguish them from products in the recreational cannabis market, which are not subject to Health Canada’s rigorous testing and labelling requirements and cannot make health claims.