Learn What a Service Lift is

Learn what a Service Lift is

While you may think that every high-rise office or condo building has at least one passenger elevator, other types of vertical transport systems have been designed to carry material goods. These are known as Learn what a Service Lift is or freight elevators and they’re commonly used in warehouses, factories, hospitals, hotels, and other commercial and industrial buildings to efficiently move heavy materials from one level to another.

Despite their name, these are not passenger lifts as they’re only authorized for use by employees and are only utilized behind the scenes to quickly and easily move supplies from one floor to the next. There are several different types of service lifts, the most common are dumbwaiter and trolley lifts. Dumbwaiter lifts are compact and are ideal for moving small goods between levels in restaurants, hotels, offices, libraries, and hospitals while trolley lifts are larger and have been specifically designed to carry carts of goods.

Lifting the Mystery: Understanding the Basics of a Service Lift

With a range of sizes and specifications, service lifts are an essential solution for businesses in many industries to improve efficiency, space optimization, and safety in their workplaces. By following lift standards and maintaining the equipment regularly, these lifts can help companies reduce manual handling injuries, meet accessibility requirements, and increase productivity. So, whether you need a dumbwaiter or a vehicle lift to help your business grow, speak with the experts at Nationwide Lifts. They can assist with installing and servicing any type of service lift that your business may require.