Why Invest in Metal Roofing for Your San Antonio Home

San Antonio is a city that’s known for its rich history, cultural vibrancy and wide array of architectural styles. Among the many options for homes, it is a smart choice to invest in metal roofing for a durable and energy efficient option. It also boosts the resale value of homes. Choosing the right roof material is one of the most important decisions you will make for your home. San Antonio metal roofing impacts your home’s durability, maintenance costs and energy efficiency. There are several factors to consider when making your decision, including sustainability, climate, and aesthetic preference.

How much does a roof cost in San Antonio?

Traditionally, San Antonio homeowners have chosen asphalt shingle roofs to protect their properties. However, metal roofs are rapidly gaining popularity for their durability, energy efficiency and visual appeal. Aside from being a great choice for the local climate, they are also fire resistant, impact-resistant and require very little maintenance. They are more attractive than traditional shingles and offer a variety of colors, finishes and styles to choose from, including options that resemble natural cedar shakes or tile.

Moreover, they are durable and last 40 to 70 years. This is significantly longer than a shingle roof which usually lasts for about 20 years. Additionally, metal roofing is energy-efficient as it reflects sunlight rather than absorbs radiant heat. This makes it a great option for the hot Texas summers and can help you save on cooling costs. In addition, a metal roof is highly water-resistant and will not crack or rust.