Why You Need a Heat Loss Survey

Whether you’re an existing homeowner with older heating systems or a landlord looking to refurbish a property, a heat loss survey near me is a vital part of any energy efficiency retrofit project. Rising energy bills and unexplained cold areas can often be caused by undetected air leaks and insulation problems. Infrared thermal imaging is a quick and inexpensive way to detect these issues and identify the best areas to improve.

A building surveyor will use a high-quality infrared camera to scan your home or flat and produce a report outlining all the findings. They will identify the most serious areas of heat loss and recommend suitable remedial works. The surveyor will also provide you with details of any government or energy supplier grants and funding available to help you pay for the work.

Finding Solutions Nearby: Locating a Heat Loss Survey Service Near You

Thermographic surveys can be carried out on the interior or exterior of a building. A survey conducted on the outside will typically be more accurate than an internal scan. This is because warm air escaping a building through a wall may move in different directions depending on the weather conditions. A thermal imaging survey is particularly effective in winter, as this is when the temperature inside a building is lowest.

A thermal imaging survey will highlight air leaks and insulation problems that would be difficult to identify with the naked eye. It is an essential part of any energy efficiency retrofit and will help you cut your energy bill significantly.